Carlos Graupera

President, Spanish American Civic Association
Carlos Graupera, President of Spanish American Civic Association

Carlos Graupera

President, Spanish American Civic Association
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Carlos Graupera is the President of the Spanish American Civic Association and have been since its founding in 1973.

During his tenure at SACA, my work has led me to do various important community development activities as follows:

Organized the Centro Hispano in Lancaster, November 1973.

Opened Nuestra Clinica bilingual mental health and drug and alcohol outpatient clinic.

Developed Nuestra Clinica Residencial, a Latino focused residential drug and alcohol treatment program for adult males.

During his tenure with the organization, he has overseen the creation of SACA Development Corporation- a housing development corporation dedicated to home ownership opportunities for inner city residents. SACA Development has rehabilitated over 100 single family units for sale to low and moderate income first time home buyers.

SACA Development built 40 new townhouses for sale to moderate income first time home buyers.

SACA Development facilitated the location of a credit union in the barrio as a result of an economic development venture.

SACADC is currently building 30,000 feet of commercial retail space as part of its latest neighborhood economic development venture.

He has also overseen the creation of WLCH fm, Radio Centro, a full time Spanish language educational public radio station serving the Latino community of Lancaster.

With the help of local education advocates, he helped to open La Academia Charter School in Lancaster.

He is the past Chairman of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs.

He also serves on the Board of Directors of the South Central Pennsylvania Sickle Cell Council.

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