As we closed our registration process on October 21 due to “sold out”, we were very sorry for having to turn down so many requests from late registrants. However, we had to respect the hotel fire code. We have requested many of our presenters to make their presentations available to those of you who could not attend the Conference. As we receive their presentation materials we will post them on our website ( Thank you so much for your kind support!

We are sold out!

If you have registered and have not received confirmation, please contact the International Service Center at (717) 236-9401 or (717) 236-1523, or by email at

What people say about our conference

I was so impressed that many Americans came and joined us today. I did not expect that it may be impossible that our life in America improve without the cooperation of Americans. I hope your organization lasts until the day we feel comfortable to live in this country.


Very well organized conference. Participation of o many young students from different ethnic backgrounds was truly impressive.

No Name

Overwhelming. I saw the traditional value of my own cultural background. Thanks for the opportunity for me being here with all the beautiful people. The diversity of culture is not a separation from each other, it is a unification. Thanks again to the International Service Center for the meaningful gathering.


This was a superb conference, with authoritative speakers and a well­ informed audience that included local officials.


Excellent presentation—very powerful message. Very moving experience. Very well organized


The cultural performances were very well done. The information and life stories were very inspirational. It was wonderful, the variety of cultures.